Each project is unique and with its own specific features. We take your vision into account and base our price on what specs you want. Create a package below if you want an approximate price for your next project with Manhoc Technologies, or contact us now with some details to get a more accurate quote.

The main scope of Project

Total Number Of Pages

Smaller websites are often less pricey, but this also depends on the nature of the project and of each page.

Number Of Unique Templates

Price scales with how much of your site you would like to be completely customized. Websites made from modified versions of pre-existing templates are often less expensive.

Rounds of revisions

Each round of revision makes your website better but also comes at a cost. The more you want to tweak details, the pricier it will end up.

Unique Functionality

We can add unique and extraordinary features to your website, but they take time and resources to develop, and thus websites that feature many unique functionalities usually come out pricier.

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