Halal LookApp

The one stop solution for the global muslim population for finding nearby Halal restaurants, mosques and local amenities, globally.

The simple and easy to use APP allows you to discover Halal restaurants, mosques, local business and additional essential services based on your location or within a city of your choosing. It will also notify you of prayer times based on your location and provide a copy of the Quran in Arabic.

Helloorders -Food Delivery

Food is one of the basic essentials of life.Tasty food matters a lot.We have a list of restaurants that would get reflected in our website and that also comprises of the menu. You need to make an intelligent choice for the type of cuisine that you want.


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K. V. Spoken English

Perhaps more than any other institution in the field of Spoken English, personal development, and Soft Skills, KVIS has changed the technique of learning Effective Communication and Spoken English in Andhra Pradesh. Our most famous course on Spoken English, Effective Communication, and Interview Skills has helped many people in AP. Our mission is to help others overcome the fear of communication in English, so they could achieve their dreams.

With all the sessions in this program, which is called COMPLETE H.E.L.P. — Complete Home English Learning Programme, you can now benefit from insightful thoughts to learn and speak English language along with effective communication and interview skills which many people have discovered from K%' Institute.

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